Saturday, October 27, 2012

I love Lucy and Desi

Welcome to my blog about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz!
I’m big fan of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. 6 years ago I started to watch I love Lucy. My aunt bought a few DVD’s of “I love Lucy” and the “Lucy Show” because she was a fan of Lucille Ball and her shows when she was young. I loved “I love Lucy” right away. Because it was the first time of my life that a saw pure, heartwarming, love, great humor/ comedy in one, without showing things like sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, vulgarities and selfish people. It occurred to me that the love between the characters Lucy and Ricky seems so real, the way kissed, held and looked at each other, looked not like acting at all. Are they really a married couple? was my question. And indeed, my aunt told me that they were married in real life. But that they were divorced after many years of marriage, but stayed good friends whole there life. I asked; why are they divorced? She told me that Desi a womanizer was and that none of the Hollywood couples can stay together.
But that answer was not enough for me, I had many questions and I wanted to now more. 3 years ago I started to watch “I love Lucy” again, I never loved the show as much I did now. It was the start of research. I’ve begin to watch and read many articles, interviews, autobiographies and books included the autobiographies of Lucille Ball (Love, Lucy) and Desi Arnaz (A Book) them self. How more I read, how more I understand them.
In this Blog I want to give information about this beautiful couple, that more people understand them. I’m attempting to analyze Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz… What makes “I love Lucy” so special? Why is Lucille Ball change to a bitter woman when she became other? But was she really bitter? Why are they divorced? How was there marriage and there divorce? How was there next marriage to other people? Does real love exist? How was there life before they had met each other? And more.
I apologize for my bad English. I live in Holland (the Netherlands) and my English isn’t really good.

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