Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Desi Arnaz!

12 march 1917, Desi... We love you all!! And nobody have ever loved you more than Lucy (Lucille). 

Desi was a sweet husband. 
He was always around, even though they were divorced. Even when he passed away, Lucy told the media that he was a great father and she even went on to say he was a wonderful husband. She hated the infidelity, the drinking, etc. but when he was a husband and father, he was great.
"Desi was the most generous man in the world. My jewel box became full just years after our marriage. If they ever melt me, there'll be a pile of gold left"- Lucille 

This is my first video. They love each other till the day they died, that is theme. 
I hope your like it:) 

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