Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Love Lucy

It’s a long time ago I’ve write on this Blog. I’m sorry, I have been very busy and this message will not be very long. I will not write very much this week, because I’ve lost a very good friend. 
‘I love Lucy’ still brings us joy and make us laugh today. We all like to laugh and when we have sadness it will make us happy again. I forget al my sadness and worries when I watch the show.  

“I love Lucy was never just a title” that’s what you see, the love between them. That’s one reason ‘I love Lucy’ is so special. 
"My wife can do anything. If you tell her she can't, she'll surprise you the next week. She'll not only be good, she'll be Lucy."- Desi

"After struggling for survival and success for 40 years, I just couldn't believe that I deserve to enjoy the success of I Love Lucy. I kept worrying about the next day, if everything would be taken away from me." - Lucille 

"I Love Lucy was like a fantasy come true. Lucy and I would borrow outfits from movie studios and create our little stage productions at home. Sometimes we threw costumes parties and had a ball. She has a childlike quality that makes I Love Lucy successful." 

I really love the Anniversary Waltz, most of all the kiss on the and.
A friend of Desi and Lucy said:
"Lucy and Desi create magic when they were on the dance floor. They automatically shut the world out. Anyone could tell that they belonged together."