Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey guys, I will post more very soon. But here are some quotes for now. 

"Whenever they got to spend time together, he would have her pose and take pictures of her. Sometimes, they would bring home costumes from the studio, dress themselves, and just fool around in front of the video camera." —Fred Ball

 "I Love Lucy was like a fantasy come true. Lucy and I would borrow outfits from movie studios and create our little stage productions at home. Sometimes we threw costumes parties and had a ball.- Desi 

 Lucille was so crazy about her children. Whenever she had time, she would just stare at the sleeping babies, and start weeping with motherly happiness. I think she felt terrible that she couldn't spend more time with them due to the demands of I Love Lucy. It broke her heart. —Cleo, Lucille's cousin