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43 Lovely with some rare photos Arnaz family

Here are lovely photos from Lucy, Desi with their beautiful children Lucie and Desi jr. with quotes. I really love to watch those photo's... 

"The first time Lucy and Lucie played in the pool I built, I cried. It was an emotional moment, especially since Lucy and I have waited 10 years to have a child." -Desi

“Increasingly frustrated by her own childlessness, Lucille doted on the offspring of others. By this time, Barbara Bell, daughter of Harriet’s [the maid] friend Dot, had children of her own. Lucille met them in San Francisco, and as Barbara recalled, “She wanted to hurry up and have kids so bad. When she met my son she loved him so much she kept stuffing money in his pockets. He was five or six and she thought it a great game.” Her desire for motherhood was such that even DeDe suggested they adopt a child if they wanted one so badly, but Lucille would sob, “I want Desi’s baby.” 
- The Life of Lucille Ball by Kathleen Brady

What they were doing onstage, brought us I Love Lucy. What they were doing off the stage brought us… Lucie Arnaz.

“We had it all. Desi and I, we had it all…”

"It was an emotional moment to see Desi with the kids, all grown up, on television. I still remember the first time I held the babies in my arms, and how happy we all were." —Lucy

Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky) and Desi Jr were great friends, they played drums and grew up together. Desi and Lucy said: "It was like having 3 children instead of 2," 

You see much more of your children once they leave home.” (Lucy)
Lucille was so crazy about her children. Whenever she had time, she would just stare at the sleeping babies, and start weeping with motherly happiness. I think she felt terrible that she couldn't spend more time with them due to the demands of I Love Lucy. It broke her heart. —Cleo, Lucille's cousin  

Lucy often brought her children (Lucie and Desi Jr.) to the I Love Lucy set.

Lucie, Lucy and Desi jr, on the set of Here's Lucy

"I began feeling tired again. No energy. All tuckered out. I told Desi about it, and he grinned. ‘Lucy,’ he said, ‘maybe we’re going to have another baby’. Well, it was true. After waiting for so long for one, there were going to be two. A lot had been asked of us, but not nearly so much as was now being given." (Lucy)

Desi always enjoyed taking pictures of Lucille and their children.

vacation in Sun Valley

Winter holiday
(...) She would also force Gary to run home videos of her, Desi and the children. (...) - her brother, Fred ball

 source: golucilleball

"I promised (Desi’s mother, Dolores) to bring up any children we might have as Catholics." (Lucy)

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Was Lucy (Lucille Ball) funny in real life?

Lucille Ball didn't think she was funny, she is quoting as saying: "I'm not funny. What I am is brave.". She also said this in a rare interview from Barbara Walters in 1977. 

But in a recent interview with Barbara Walters, Ball's now-adult children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. explained that their mother had a dry sense of humor.

"She was witty, with "a Will Rogers kind of sense of humor...great humor, but not like Lucy (on the show)," Desi Arnaz Jr. said.
"My mother was a clown, and she could turn funny, brilliantly funny written things into magic...But she didn't think she was funny," Lucie Arnaz said.

"I hadn't really gotten to watch I Love Lucy. Recently I had caught some of it. Well, I feel that I have a funny looking hairdo, funny looking skirt, and I look like I was forever pregnant, because I was either having one or getting rid of one. But I know that they were well-written and we had a wonderful time doing them and I think it shows. That is the essence of our comedy, and it gave me my education."(Lucy said this on the interview of Barbara Walters) 
Gosh, why would Lucille Ball not know that she was funny off screen too? She certainly had a great sense of humor but she never realized it. 

Lucy was "The queen of comedy", therefore you would think she that she had (a lot) self-confidence. But the opposite is true, Lucy said about herself:
"I'm not beautiful. I'm untalented, I can't sing and I can't dance. I can't do much. I just have an obsession to make people laugh. I don't know why, but I love hearing people laugh."  

Wanda Clark (she was Lucy's personal secretary for more than 25 years (1963- 1989))says:
What was "the real" Lucille Ball like? She was warm and wonderful and generous, Wanda says, to all of us that worked with her, and her family, of course. And she was loyal - that's why we were all so loyal to her. While Lucy's writers were an important element of her career, and she always gave them credit for her success, Lucy herself was a funny lady, Wanda says, refuting what Lucy herself often claimed, that she wasn't a particularly funny person. "She didn't go around doing 'I Love Lucy' shtick, but she had a great sense of humor and she loved to have a good laugh." Wanda's favorite moments spent with Lucy included the parties Lucy threw at her Beverly Hills house, "especially when the kids were still at home. They were a lot of fun, planning them, she'd do themes, like a hoedown, with traditional music and costumes. Those were great parties." 
"I can't put into words what I miss about her - she was a great force in my life that I appreciated, and miss very much," Wanda noted.

Lucy was also very professional and took her work serous. 
"I was terribly intimidated working with Lucille because, well, she was Lucy, but she was marvelously professional... Lucy knew I was pregnant, and when we rehearsed the "keep jiggling Peggy" scene, she would say, "Janet, just cool it. Don't do it too much now. You don't want to miscarry!""  

But on the other hand, Lucy was actually a rather serious person, especially when they in her younger days. 
In contrast her husband Desi, being the level headed Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy, was the one with a great sense of humor. In the early years of their marriage while residing in the Chatsworth Ranch in San Fernando Valley, California, Desi dug out a huge swimming pool, built a bathhouse and held lots of parties there. He embraced life; he was the centre of attention and he enjoyed entertaining people while Lucy was always in the background, rather quiet, with adoring eyes on Desi.
Of course, she was unreserved when with Desi. In my opinion, she trusted him enough to be completely herself. She could be childlike, playful, painfully frank, serious, extremely hot tempered and even vulgar. She was totally in love with Desi- she worshiped him.

Desi: "Lucy and I would borrow outfits from movie studios and create our little stage productions at home. Sometimes we threw costumes parties and had a ball. She has a childlike quality that makes I Love Lucy successful."

A long time friend, Bob Hope said after Lucy's reminiscing:  "Lucy was really my best friend. Whenever I needed female advice, she would gladly offer me some. She was great to work with, she had a soft heart, and it helped that she looked beautiful. I loved Lucy."

"The first thing I noticed about Lucy was her warmth. The second was her carriage. I mean, she's like a thoroughbred. When she walks into a room, you know she's there."- Gary (her second husband)
Lucy didn't take any shit from men and some resented her for it. And she was as powerful as a lot of men back then, that couldn't of helped either.

But on the other hand, Lucy could be cold and hard, I think it was an effect of the divorce, she (and also Desi) never recovered from the divorce. She was really hurt and that had frozen her. Even Desi says that.  A other long time friend said the next thing: 
"I'll tell you about Lucy. She was a warm, passionate, loving woman years ago. She was crazy in love with Desi. She's been hurt. Hurt for years and years and it has frozen her. There's a lot of kissing and hugging and calling people darlings but really, underneath, it's cold. The warm part of her is deeply hidden, down where no one can hurt it again. She had no one to turn to and she couldn't handle those strong feelings." 

People can (really) change because of things they have been through, I've seen it myself at some of my friends or/and family. But we mustn't forget: we are human beings, everybody makes mistakes and have personality traits in a negative way (also big stars like Lucy). I think Lucy was  warm, generous, sweet and funny..... of course not the humor like Lucy Ricardo, but funny in her own way. That's also what Jess Oppenheimer said in a interview.