Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Desi Arnaz Jr. talks about his mother: Lucille Ball

An sort interview from Desi Arnaz Jr. about his relationship with his mother: 
“While I was growing up she tried to keep our lives simple in the midst of what was going on, tried to let us have a real life. I grew up at the studio behind the camera, climbing up ladders and running around the soundstage. But I understood right away about the difference between real life and television. I wasn't the one who was confused—other people were. They thought I was Little Ricky. But I knew Fred and Ethel didn't live next door—Jack Benny did. 

I just saw her as my mother. She wasn't really a disciplinarian or taskmaster. Since Dad was no longer there [after 20 years, Lucy and Desi divorced in 1960], she felt she had a responsibility to the show. She had a lot of old-fashioned values that she got from her mother. My parents always said there's a lot more to life than how much money you have or how much you impress people. 

During the days I was doing drugs, they tried to help me. My father had a drinking problem; my mother was a person just like anybody else. When I went through drug and alcohol recovery seven years ago, they went through it with me. Sometimes people in the public eye don't want to reveal anything going on inside them in front of even one other person, and it was extraordinary that they did it. It got better for us after that. We could talk to each other more easily. 

We were really very close in those later years,

we were able to say everything we needed to say to each other. 

All along she said, "What's important in this life is to be happy and to enjoy your life and have a good relationship with somebody." She wanted to have a happy life. She did the best she could.

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  1. That's a very sweet thing to say, Mr. Arnaz. I'm afraid I've been mad at your sister because of the way she makes you mom look. But you are heroic in the way you defend her. God bless you.