Saturday, June 29, 2013

43 Lovely with some rare photos Arnaz family

Here are lovely photos from Lucy, Desi with their beautiful children Lucie and Desi jr. with quotes. I really love to watch those photo's... 

"The first time Lucy and Lucie played in the pool I built, I cried. It was an emotional moment, especially since Lucy and I have waited 10 years to have a child." -Desi

“Increasingly frustrated by her own childlessness, Lucille doted on the offspring of others. By this time, Barbara Bell, daughter of Harriet’s [the maid] friend Dot, had children of her own. Lucille met them in San Francisco, and as Barbara recalled, “She wanted to hurry up and have kids so bad. When she met my son she loved him so much she kept stuffing money in his pockets. He was five or six and she thought it a great game.” Her desire for motherhood was such that even DeDe suggested they adopt a child if they wanted one so badly, but Lucille would sob, “I want Desi’s baby.” 
- The Life of Lucille Ball by Kathleen Brady

What they were doing onstage, brought us I Love Lucy. What they were doing off the stage brought us… Lucie Arnaz.

“We had it all. Desi and I, we had it all…”

"It was an emotional moment to see Desi with the kids, all grown up, on television. I still remember the first time I held the babies in my arms, and how happy we all were." —Lucy

Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky) and Desi Jr were great friends, they played drums and grew up together. Desi and Lucy said: "It was like having 3 children instead of 2," 

You see much more of your children once they leave home.” (Lucy)
Lucille was so crazy about her children. Whenever she had time, she would just stare at the sleeping babies, and start weeping with motherly happiness. I think she felt terrible that she couldn't spend more time with them due to the demands of I Love Lucy. It broke her heart. —Cleo, Lucille's cousin  

Lucy often brought her children (Lucie and Desi Jr.) to the I Love Lucy set.

Lucie, Lucy and Desi jr, on the set of Here's Lucy

"I began feeling tired again. No energy. All tuckered out. I told Desi about it, and he grinned. ‘Lucy,’ he said, ‘maybe we’re going to have another baby’. Well, it was true. After waiting for so long for one, there were going to be two. A lot had been asked of us, but not nearly so much as was now being given." (Lucy)

Desi always enjoyed taking pictures of Lucille and their children.

vacation in Sun Valley

Winter holiday
(...) She would also force Gary to run home videos of her, Desi and the children. (...) - her brother, Fred ball

 source: golucilleball

"I promised (Desi’s mother, Dolores) to bring up any children we might have as Catholics." (Lucy)


  1. You have truly the best collection of photos and quotes of the two wonderful people who brought us so much fun, laughter & joy. A very lovely, tasteful sight. I Love Lucy (AND Desi!!), too.

  2. Love your blog! What great pictures!

  3. Amazing photo treasures.please publish a book if you can including your memos.some pics and your notes brought tears to my eyes of both an era gone by and a love story that never ended with divorce.thank you