Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lucy is enceinte - I Love Lucy

This is a video from youtube- the last part of the episode.

“Lucy is enceinte" is my favorite episode. Because the emotions are so real, it’s so touching.
The episode is about that when Lucy learns that she's going to have a baby, she tries to find the right way to tell this to Ricky. Lucy was five months pregnant at the time this episode was filmed.                                                                                             
The CBS broadcast standards refused to allow the word "pregnant" to be uttered by any of the characters, so they said that Lucy was "expecting" instead. While this episode title uses "enceinte", the French word for "pregnant", the following episode uses the forbidden word in its title.
They were so happy with their first baby,  they had to wait so long. Because Lucy had 3 miscarriages before Lucie was born. But now 1,5 years later they blest with a second child, they thought that would never happened.
You can see the emotions when it came time for Desi to sing "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me" to Lucy. He is overcome with emotion long before he and Lucy shed tears of bliss together. First, while he's singing "Rockabye, Baby" when trying to find out which woman in the audience is pregnant, he messes up the lyrics and sings the "cradle will fall" part twice. Then, when it came time for him to sing "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me" to Lucy, he forgot what he was supposed to do next. The orchestra had to shout, "Sing the baby song!" for him to remember his next move.
The script said for both Ricky and Lucy to be overjoyed and extremely happy. Ricky had to jump of joy when Lucy said the news. But when the cameras rolled, however, Lucy and Desi both were overcome with the intense emotion they felt when they found out they were finally pregnant with first child Lucie.
The husband and wife cried tears of happiness during the scene instead of acting cheerful. Lucy and Desi were embarrassed afterwards about having cried on camera. They reshot the scene the way it was written. When the happy version was compared with the personal, real-life version, there was no question- the take where they cried was so much more poignant and memorable.
When we did this scene before an audience, Desi was suddenly struck by all the emotion he’d felt when we discovered we were finally going to have Lucie. His eyes filled up and he couldn’t finish the song; I started to cry, too. Vivian started to sniffle; even the hardened stagehands wiped their eyes with the backs of their hands. The director wanted retakes at the end of the show, but the audience stood up and shouted, “No, no!” - Lucille Ball
‘I Love Lucy’ is so special, no series, show or anything what come on TV can surpass ‘I Love Lucy’. I Love Lucy is a global treasure. ‘I love Lucy’ is a great, unique kind of comedy and romance in one.

This are one of the Quotes like in the episode:
v  Lucy: I've been feeling real dawncey.
Ø  Ethel: "Dawncey"?
v  Lucy: Yeah, that's a word my grandmother made up for when you aren't really sick but you just feel lousy.

v  Lucy: A baby?!
Ø  Ethel: Yeah, "baby." That's a word my grandmother made up for "tiny, little people."
v  Lucy: Ethel, we're going to have a baby!
Ø  Ethel: (excitedly) We are?! Oh, isn't that wonderful? I never had a baby before! I mean, I've never been let in on it so soon!
v  Lucy: "Let in on it"? Well, you knew iteeven before I did. This whole thing was practically your idea!
Ø  Ethel: Did the doctor say what it's gonna be?
v  Lucy: It's gonna be a baby!
Ø  Ethel: No, I mean, I wonder if it's going to be a boy or a girl? Oh, I can't wait to find out whether I'm gonna be a godmother or a godfather!

v  Lucy: I'll sit on his lap and I'll put my arms around his neck, and I'll say, "Ricky, darling, our dream has come true. You and I are going to be blessed with something that means more to us than anything in the whole world."

o   Ricky: (about Lucy making him swallow his food too quickly) My stomach is gonna think I lost my teeth!
o   Ricky: Believe me, if you traded places with me, you'd be surprised.
v  Lucy: Believe me, if I traded places with you, YOU'D be surprised!
o   Ricky: Now, how can nobody ring the doorbell? Nobody's necktie is caught in the door!
v  Lucy: But, Ricky, I want to talk to you about something.
o   Ricky: Now, look, sweetheart, whatever it is, use your own judgment. Now, if you think it's a good idea, go ahead with it.

§  Fred: (gives Lucy a baseball for the baby) And wait'll you see the name on this! That's the name of the best ball player the Yankees ever had.
v  Lucy: Oh, "Spaulding"!
§  Fred: No, honey! Turn it around!
v  Lucy: "Joe DiMaggio"!
§  Fred: You betcha! Ol' Joltin' Joe himself!
v  Lucy: Ricky's gotta know, and if I don't tell him soon, I might as well wait and let the baby tell him!


  1. Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information! I love Lucy too!! This one is my favorite post.

  2. Thanks! This is one of my favorite episodes, and I just watched it. I never noticed however at the end when they're crying, so I had to Google to find out information on this episode. And found your blog !! I loved reading about the trivia behind the episode. Of course I did know she was pregnant for the episode, it's pretty obvious. This episode makes me cry every time. I loved this show. :)