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Part 3: Marriage proposal

Desi and Lucy were too often separated from each other because of movies and performances. They were both jealous and clashes of tempers. But their passion and love was very strong. Desi sent often telegrams and Lucy kept every one of his notes safely till the day she died.
Almost 6 months after they met, they were thinking to get married. After long discussions they come to the decision not to getting married, they were too different, marriage wouldn't work. But what Desi and Lucy didn’t knew was, that they both weren’t agree with the decision they had made, Desi and Lucy pick up their life’s and didn’t show how depressed they were.

After a while Desi could stand it anymore, he missed her very much, he phoned her constantly. He sent her a telegram that broke her hart, it was so touching: "Just wanted to say I love you, goodnight and be good. I think I'll say I love you again, in fact I will say it. I love you love you love you love you". Lucy missed Desi also terrible and promise Desi to come to New York immediately after her Milwaukee engagement. It was November and the weather changed quickly, it began to snow. The benefit that would take one night stretched in five nights. Desi became suspicions and angry, he thought she was having an affair with Joseph Cotton.
Desi phoned Lucy one midnight, they had a big quarrel on the telephone because Desi thought Lucy having affair with Joseph (a handsome actor that played in a scene with Lucy) and Lucy did not take the accusations lightly and said that he was involved with every woman in every town. But Lucy was forgotten that she was standing in the Hotel lobby, every one was listening to the telephone call. After the telephone call Lucy went to New York.
The next day when Lucy wake up, she was still mad on Desi. She wanted to keep Desi waiting so she gave an interview on the article "Why I Will Always Remain a Bachelor Girl". In the interview she cited all the reasons Desi and her were never going to get married. But she forgot her anger right the way when she saw Desi. They apologize for all the nasty accusations they had made about each other and how the behavior and made love.

The real reason of they quarrel was, that they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and Desi had postponed the elopement 5 times. That was the reason Desi wanted Lucy to come New York as soon as possible. But Lucy didn’t knew that of course.
Desi had to do a show, however, when Desi was dressing to leaving, he said "This girl is going to have a hell of a time with that story."
"Why?" asked Lucy excited.
Desi: "Because I have everything arranged to marry you tomorrow morning, if you would like to marry me."
"Where?" Lucy didn’t know what to say.
Desi: "In Greenwich, Connecticut." (He explained her why he wanted her to come back to New York as soon as possible.)
Lucy: "But I thought we decided that we couldn't get married."
Desi: "That's right, but we are."
Lucy: "You're kidding, right?"
Desi: "No, I'm not kidding. I want to marry you and I want to marry you tomorrow."
Lucy: "Why couldn't we just live together?"
Desi: "No, I don't want to just live together. I want to marry you and I want to have some children with you and I want to have a home. I'm not like the image you have of me. Now, do you want to marry me or not?"
Lucy: "Of course I want to marry you, you idiot!” 
“But Aren't we supposed to wait for three days for a permit or something?"
Desi: "I got the whole thing straightened out. I've already gotten a permit, and the judge to give us an exemption. You love me, don't you?"
Lucy: "I love you very much."
Desi: "I love you very much too. So what the hell else is there? I have to go now. I'll be back after the next show."
It was a happy and beautiful day, a day they will never forget.
First wedding dress

This is what Desi and Lucy said about their (first) wedding day:
Desi: "Probate Judge Harold L. Nape waived the five-day wait required by connecticut law, and Justice of the Peace John P. O'Brien performed the ceremony at the Byram River Beagle Club at noon on Saturday, November 30, 1940."
Lucy: "Although Desi later gave me a platinum ring, that little discolored brass ring rested among the diamonds and emeralds in my jewel case for years ... After the short ceremony, we ate our wedding breakfast in front of a bright fire in the club's lounge. Outside, a fresh mantle of snow hung on the pine trees. After all the indecision we'd been through, Desi and I were dazed with happiness."
Desi: "It really was the most lovely setting. a rambling river going by, beautiful flowers and trees, the mountains in the background. There was a glass-enclosed area in back where the ceremony took place. The judge had called ahead and had them cool some champagne and put flowers all over the place. The view Lucy and I looked at during the wedding was a Christmas card.".
Source: their own biographies, Love, Lucy and A Book.


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